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1) Tapioca Chip (Cassava Chip):
a) We import since 18 year this commodity from West Africa per vessels of 5000 to 12000 Tons each quarter.
b) Quality to enter in the animal feed - free from mould and live insects - 10% of unpeeled acceptable.
We prefer sticks of 10/20 cm long.
i.c. roots cutted in 1/4 of the piece to avoid to much powder during the discharge loaded in bulk in the vessel.
2) Tapioca starch:
We obtain usually 72/74% starch 14% max. humidity at time of loading - sand max. 1 to 2%.
Loading rate: min. 3000 To/24h (day).
Waiting for your offer proposal and the price CIF ANTWERP - BELGIUM and the quantity.
You can load by vessels: 5000 or 7500 or 10000 or 12500 Tons.

Cassava - Manioc

Minimum: 5000 à 10.000 Tonnes de: Manioc pelé et séché en morceaux ou en cossettes.
pelé à 95% - tolérance 5% non pelé mais bien séché.
Analyse de base.
72 à 80% d'amidon.
10 à 14% d'humidité.
Pas de produit étranger (bois, pierre, plastic, jute, etc.).
Pas de moisissure ni de taches noires.
Livraison en vrac dans le bateau.
Quantité: minimum 5000 Tonnes à 10.000 Tonnes par bateau et par période de 30 jours selon vos capacités.

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Quality of the cassava.
minimum 70% (preferably 72/74%) of starch about 10/14% of humidity at time of loading, no aflatoxine, no foreign matters (wood, jute, metal, stone, etc.), no mouldy, no black stain (proof of mouldy).
Packing: in bulk in the vessel.
Payment: L/C irrevocable, confirmed, not transferable, payable 97% against the shipping documents 3% after the arrival at destination and after the control of the weight and the quality.
Delivery: in vessels of minimum 4000 or 5000 Tons upto 10.000 Tons.
Performance bond: 2%.
Commission: to be discussed.

Cocoa - Cacao

Offering subject unsold:
200 Tons cocoa beans class A. well dried min. 300 gr. for 300 beans.
Packing in 60 Kgs new jute bags with 3 blue stripes - free from hydrocarbon.
Origin: Liberia
Delivery: as per contract
Payment: L/C.

Coffee - cafe

Offering sub. unsold:
100 Tons Robusta coffee commercial quality grade A in 20ft containers.
Packing: 60 Kgs new jute bags 3 blues stripe vot free hydrocarbon.
Origin: Liberia
Delivery: as per contract.
Payment: L/C irrevocable, confirmed, payable against shipping usual documents.